Green Carrot Juice!

It all started with a conversation between friends.

Obby Khan told Tina Jones how fresh juicing had changed his life. The CFL great had developed colitis and thought his professional career was at a devastating end. He lost 100 pounds, but with juicing was able to regain health and energy to make a miraculous return to the CFL. Obby's friend Tina, a Winnipeg entrepreneur, philanthropist and mom of two, was captivated by his life-altering story. Fresh juice, nutrient-rich and naturally cleansing, seemed such a clear choice, especially for those who have trouble balancing nutrition and fitness. Before long, Green Carrot was born.

Green Carrot offers cold pressed, never pasteurized or heated juices and whole foods for healthy living. We strive to use organic, sustainably-grown and locally sourced vegetables and fruits wherever possible. We juice daily with a press that pulls out every nutrient, and chill the juices immediately to retain every bit of that goodness. We are part of your healthy life.

Green Carrot follows five fundamentals:

  • 1. Fresh is best We source the freshest produce available, and keep it fresh & alive - no heat, pasteurization, additives or preservatives.
  • 2. Local, Sustainable, Organic. We care about sustainability and we try to source locally and organically whenever possible.
  • 3. Handcrafting is art, not science. Slight changes from day to day are the result of the fact that the ingredients are real and fresh.
  • 4. Real juice settles in. If the juice settles, it's a good thing: it means there are no additives or emulsions, just give it a shake!
  • 5. Your best foot forward. Give your body the fuel it craves and deserves. Make juicing a part of your daily ritual.

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